The ancient city @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Tommaso Borgonio from Theatrum Sabaudiae 1682

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The ancient city

At the same time as the first extension, the fronts of the buildings were slowly restructured and the streets of the old city were straightened out. The phenomenon of the redevelopment of the existing fabric will also accompany the successive enlargements of the city in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The creation of Via Nuova (Via Roma), inside the walls, had involved a cut in the existing blocks and the unitary design of new fronts, but had left inside the blocks the sleeves and alleys typical of a dense fabric, still medieval. The same phenomenon will continue in other neighborhoods. Priority will always be given to the external image of the city, given by a strict order and uniformity of the road fronts that define the urban design.

In the image taken from the Thetrum Sabaudiae, the first section of the district Nuova (Via Roma), up to the Piazza Reale (Piazza San Carlo) with the rigid design of the external fronts.

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