The Royal Square, second phase of enlargement @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

from Martha Pollak, Turin 1564-1680, London 1991

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The Royal Square, second phase of enlargement

The second phase of the southern expansion coincided with the construction of Piazza San Carlo in 1644, following the abattimento of the old walls. There are two favourable conditions for realising the wishes of representation and aulicità: availability of land owned by the state and the period of greater socio-economic prosperity encourage interest in new buildings. The land is given to nobles and notables, provided that the fronts of the new buildings follow the design defined by the ducal architect, Carlo di Castellamonte. The square is thus destined to residences of the highest level, in stark contrast with the simple construction that characterizes the new district, intended for traders and tenants.

With the demolition of the walls the city is unified: the twelve blocks of the first phase of the expansion, the Royal Square and the blocks of the belt between the streets Santa Teresa-Maria Vittoria and Alfieri-Giolitti participate in the urban design.

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