The south entrance: the Porta Nuova. @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Autore ignoto from Ada Peyrot, Vittorio Viale, Immagini di Torino nei secoli, Torino 1973

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The south entrance: the Porta Nuova.

Through the Porta Nuova will make its triumphal entry in 1620 Christina of France, young bride of Duke Vittorio Amedeo I. The event will be considered as the inauguration of the contrada Nuova. The gate becomes the new southern entrance of the city, connected to the three external roads towards Valentino and the castle of Millefiori and towards the villages of Orbassano and Stupinigi, up to Nice. The street, of great commercial traffic, conditions the structure of the blocks of the new district, especially those closest to the door, intended for a middle class of traders: the lots, still of medieval flavor, have narrow views of the street and warehouses at the bottom of the courtyard; on the ground floor are the shops, above three floors of houses with constant height.

The design shows the "new city" under construction and the tree-lined avenues of the large external roads to the south. In the foreground the Monte dei Cappuccini and the Borgo Po, on this side of the river.

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