Two parts of the city separated by the walls @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Michele Antonio Raynero e Giovenale Boetto from Martha Pollak, Turin 1564-1680, London 1991

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Two parts of the city separated by the walls

The new district is separated from the blocks of the old city by the wall wall; with the demolition of the southern side of the fortifications of the square city, the square will be born in the 1940s. The new city blocks are larger than the old city blocks. But the unitary value of the urban space is guaranteed by the uniformity of the blocks, by the same design of the facades and by the strength that assumes the axis of the contrada Nuova, a perspective channel centered on one side on the Palazzo Ducale and at the other end, to the south, from the Porta Nuova: the two poles become strong signs that enhance even more the unitary value of space as a whole.

In the detail of the 17th-century map you can see the central axis of the Via Nuova that continues southwards and connects the square city to the "new city".

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