Twelve blocks to the "new city" @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Carlo di Castellamonte from Martha Pollak, Turin 1564-1680, London 1991

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Twelve blocks to the "new city"

The twelve new blocks designed by the Duke and his architect Charles of Castellamonte to the south of the city walls, represent the first example of a homogeneous neighborhood as a building structure and as an architectural image, meeting the needs of the population and the representation of the absolute power of the sovereign. The main axis, the district of Porta Nuova (2 Via Roma tract) is barycentric to the district and in continuity with the cut of the Via Nuova (1 Via Roma tract) made a few years earlier by Vitozzi within the walls, of which it retains the same width of ten meters. Four large blocks of the same size overlook the new district. At the end of the district, the Porta Nuova.

In the drawing are clearly visible the new blocks inside the orthogonal mesh, of homogeneous size and design.

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