First studies for the expansion outside the walls @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Augusto Cavallari Murat from a cura di Politecnico di Torino, Forma Urbana ed Architettura nella Torino Barocca, 1968

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First studies for the expansion outside the walls

The first studies for the expansion of the city are affected by the Renaissance culture and propose a radiocentric structure, surrounded by walls that connect to the citadel and the old Roman fortifications - medieval. This approach to the new extension is soon abandoned in favour of a rigid geometric mesh, based on rectilinear elements between them orthogonal, in continuation of the urban axes existing within the walls: a clear reference to the origins of the Roman city, but also a new rationalistic spirit, almost Cartesian.

A drawing by the engineer Vitozzo Vitozzi, grandson of the ducal architect Ascanio Vitozzi. This proposal will be rejected in favour of an extension project based on a grid of regular orthogonal and isolated roads.

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