The new defensive wall beyond the Roman walls @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Carlo di Castellamonte from Martha Pollak, Turin 1564-1680, London 1991

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The new defensive wall beyond the Roman walls

Completed the first defensive system with the construction of the citadel, the sovereign Emanuele Filiberto has to face the problems related to the shortage of housing and the serious hygienic deficiencies of the city. The first expansion, called "new city" began in 1620 with Carlo Emanuele I succeeded his father Emanuele Filiberto and will be implemented during the century; developed south of the "old city", within a new ring of fortifications, linked to the citadel, recently completed, in a position and with a design mainly conditioned by military and defensive reasons.

The study of the extension and the new perimeter of the 17th-century fortifications was carried out by Carlo di Castellamonte until 1638, at the same time as the project of the first expansion.

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