A small city becomes capital @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Girolamo e Ignazio Danti

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A small city becomes capital

Emanuele Filiberto, one of the last Renaissance kings, in the middle of the sixteenth century moves the capital of the Savoy duchy from Chambery to Turin, must take care of transforming a town that still retains the surface and structure of the old Augusta Taurinorum. Absolute priority takes on the defensive aspect: the construction of the citadel, in the south-west corner, is the first modification of the urban perimeter. The sovereign will have to give a new urban and architectural identity to the capital. Unlike other Italian cities, the Renaissance had not left in Turin important palaces and monuments, with the exception of the Duomo.

The city of Turin is represented in the frescoes of the Gallery of Maps, established by Pope Gregory XIII in 1581 at the Vatican; the views of the main Italian regions and cities are reconstructed by the geographer Ignazio Danti.

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