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The entrance road to the medieval city from the west. Degraded, although rich in Baroque palaces, it is known for the song by De Andrè.

The terminal part of the main axis of the ancient city, where "uncomfortable" functions of the city have thickened over time: the Jewish ghetto, the closed houses of prostitution, the smuggling arriving from the nearby port. De Andrè sings these aspects, while an increasingly incisive urban redevelopment process is replacing marginal activities with more noble residences and functions.

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Geographic coordinates:
44.4124° 8.9282°

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Materiale di documentazione / 1

Fabrizio De Andrè, insieme al figlio Cristiano, ritratti in via del Campo

Materiale di documentazione / 2

Via del Campo nel 1968 in un'immagine dall'archivio storico del Secolo XIX

Materiale di documentazione / 3

L'immagine mostra un particolare di via del Campo. Sullo sfondo le torri di porta dei Vacca

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