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The ancient driveway that leads from Porta Soprana to the port. On both sides, there are buildings with a still legible medieval footprint.

An important section of the route of goods landed towards the Bisagno Valley and the Apennines, with the small square overlooked by the Palazzo of the Giustiniani family, which remained in its own district while the rest of the nobility moved to the New Road.

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Caterina Gaspardo Moro (2020-2024)

Geographic coordinates:
44.4068° 8.9306°

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Luoghi / Sà Pesta

Antica "sciamadda" in via Giustiniani 16, che anticamente vendeva sale, da qui il nome Sà Pesta, che significa in genovese "sale pestato" poiché pestavano il sale grosso nei mortai, per poi venderlo al dettaglio.


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