Icon of the Category "Urban"Via di Scurreria (e indoratori) Genova

Via di Scurreria (e indoratori)

The commercial road wanted at the end of the 16th century to open the central souk and to connect S. Lorenzo with Campetto.

The Imperial family, who dominates the area, opened a road to frame their building in Campetto, coming down from the Cathedral. It became the "noble" access to the center from the places of power (ducal and ecclesiastical), with commercial funds that remained in the memory of the Genoese for centuries. In the nearby alleys, there are signs of Middle Ages craftsmen and traffickers especially in the wider porticoes of the street, now walled up.

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Caterina Gaspardo Moro (2020-2024)

Geographic coordinates:
44.4086° 8.9317°

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Luoghi / Pescetto

Nicolò Pescetto fonda nel 1899 in Via S.Lorenzo 55, un negozio di sete, tessuti e intimo di lusso. Nel 1922 i figli aprono una nuova sede in Via Scurreria 8, tutt'oggi rinomata Camiceria di Lusso.


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