The architecture of Alfieri @ Il terzo Ampliamento barocco

from Archivio storico Città di Torino

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The architecture of Alfieri

The project releases the square from the traditional disorder of the market, the City Palace loses its seventeenth-century character of individuality with respect to the surrounding and the Alfieri architecture proposes the scheme of severe "court" architecture. The intervention, made complex by the need to rectify the strands of the curtains and at the same time place parts of pre-existing buildings, involves a perfect and symmetrical geometry that defines for the square a sort of uniform box based on the porch. It reinforces the axis centered on the town hall and extends along the street, towards Piazza Castello. It introduces a rigor given by the absolute respect of the axes of symmetry and the homogeneity of the treatment of the facades.

The autograph drawing (preserved in the historical archive of Turin) highlights the parts of the pre-existence rectified and marks a filter arcade on Via Milano (never realized), symmetrical to that on Via Garibaldi.

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