The blocks of the new western extension @ Il terzo Ampliamento barocco

Of Augusto Cavallari Murat from a cura di Politecnico di Torino, Forma Urbana ed Architettura nella Torino Barocca, 1968

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The blocks of the new western extension

Compared to previous city enlargements, the western one is more homogeneous, marked by decorum and representativeness. The last of the Baroque enlargements takes place in a period of prosperity and stability for the monarchy and society. The new eighteen blocks, intended largely for palaces for the nobility and the middle class, have small dimensions and less depth, to allow a greater number of views on the streets. The hallways of the buildings, often in axis with each other, open the view towards courtyards with scenographic backdrops, thus emphasizing the characteristics of uniformity and also of aulicity, typical of the overall design of the neighborhood.

In the reconstruction of the baroque city at the end of the eighteenth century curated by Cavallari Murat, are well highlighted the hallways in axis between the buildings that overlook the streets and open towards the courtyards inside.

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