The King’s edict (via Dora Grossa) @ Il terzo Ampliamento barocco

from © Archivio Storico della Città di Torino

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The King’s edict (via Dora Grossa)

In 1736, the edict of King Charles Emmanuel III for the redevelopment of the district of Dora Grossa. "The factories of this district must be arranged according to the type that will be publicly exhibited by the Office of the Vicar of the City" the Royal Edict imposes. The rules are alignment, height, rhythm of the windows... but above all it requires the organization of the facades for completed factory bodies, possibly for the entire insula. To do this, the less well-off owners are invited to sell to the wealthiest, with tax concessions. In essence, the ancient right of "wholesaling" is reaffirmed, that is, the reunification of medieval particles, decreed by Carlo Emanuele I about one hundred and fifty years earlier (1584) for the very first urban interventions in the capital.

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