The ancient fabric and the 17th-century enlargements @ Il terzo Ampliamento barocco

Of Carlo Morello from Biblioteca Reale di Torino

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The ancient fabric and the 17th-century enlargements

The two seventeenth-century enlargements outside the "Roman Quadrilateral", the first towards south (Via Roma and Piazza San Carlo) and the second towards east (Via Po); they had shaped the capital of the duchy according to a plan of great uniformity that well represented the absolute power and the effort to compete with the reigning houses of the time. At the end of the 17th century, however, the ancient square city was still characterized by narrow and twisted medieval streets, while, for the west of that district, a new construction was thought in the space freed from the demolition of the sixteenth-century bastions and the new walls that would have completed the so-called "almond".

In the plan of the city of 1656 by Carlo Morello, it is evident the contrast between the blocks of new plan of the city to the south and east and those of medieval plant of the square city to the northwest.

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