The new Contrada through Porta Nuova @ Via Roma "Nuova"

from Editore Giovanni Battista Maggi 1834.

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The new Contrada through Porta Nuova

After the demolition of the walls (imposed by Napoleon), the outlet of the (new) Contrada towards the Porta Nuova becomes the reason for a new urban development. in 1830 the monumental design of the two isolated trapezoids opens onto a large square (immediately called "King's square"). This square, never finished in the built-up fronts, which after 40 years is resized and becomes the green atrium of the city for those who get off the train: Carlo Felice square at the Porta Nuova Station.

The plan of the city by Maggi (1834) shows, in black, the novelties: the completion of the seventeenth-century project and the beginning of the eighteenth century one of the Strada del Re (the current Corso Vittorio Emanuele II) towards the Po.

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