Santa Croce Church @ Piazza Carlina (Carlo Emanuele II)


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Santa Croce Church

The church, designed specifically to give adornment and recognition to the square, was designed by F. Juvarra and completed in 1730. It is designed more for visibility in the skyline of the homogeneous city, as a sort of placeholder, than for its reception capacity and place of prayer. The military hospital (almost 600 beds) was located between 1700 and 1800 in the large adjoining convent, also due to the nearby barracks. Today it is the Turin headquarters of the Romanian Orthodox cult.

Nell'immagine la chiesa di Santa Croce attribuita a Juvarra, con facciata dell'Ottocento e il vicino convento seicentesco. Dal 2001 gli spazi del coro e attigui sono stati concessi alla Chiesa Ortodossa Rumena.

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