The convent of the Friars

On the right side of Via Po there is the large convent of the Minimi Friars and the nearby church of San Francesco da Paola, built in 1627, before the birth of Via Po. The Minimi Friars of St. Francis had been called to Piedmont by Carlo Emanuele I to combat some forms of heresies that were taking place in the duchy. After the suppression of the order wanted by Napoleon, the convent underwent continuous transformations: the seat of the Liceo Gioberti, one of the oldest schools in Turin, then later of numerous University Institutes and finally the seat of the Academy of Medicine. The part of the convent towards Via Accademia Albertina became the seat of the Academy of Fine Arts in 800, with huge works of transformation designed by Talucchi.

The block of via Po occupied entirely by the Frati Minimi Convent and the Church of San Francesco da Paola.

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