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Piazza Carlina

The square of the second seventeenth-century extension was not built along the main street. It was decided to decentralise it towards the south, in line with what is now via Maria Vittoria, which connected it to via Nuova (now via Roma) and piazza Reale (now piazza San Carlo). After abandoning the initial idea of an octagonal square based on the French places model, a traditional model was chosen for the design of the new Piazza Carlina. The square is characterised by four blocks hosting the Guarene palace, the Albergo delle Virtù, the Ghetto Nuovo and the Coardi di Carpeneto palace. (see Piazza Carlina POI)

The second expansion square is not in Via Po, but on the street connecting via Maria Vittoria to Piazza San Carlo (once Piazza Reale).

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