Every road leads to Piazza Castello @ Piazza Castello

Of Mario Passanti from Mario Passanti Architettura in Piemonte

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Every road leads to Piazza Castello

Every urban expansion and renovation project carried out in Turin for more than two centuries chose Piazza Castello as the main focus and ideal centre of the city, and as the symbol of power and the monarchy. From the first route connecting the square to the Municipal Palace, created by Vitozzi in the sixteenth century and later reworked by Alfieri (via Palazzo di Città), to the routes planned by Juvarra leading to the northern and western doors (via Milano and via Corte d'Appello), both linked to the central street leading to Palazzo Madama (via Garibaldi). South, the Contrada Nuova (via Roma), designed by Vitozzi as a continuation of the town of Castellamonte, was to lead to the extra-urban Royal palace of Mirafiori. East, the part of via Po leading to Castellamonte connected the square to the river and across the bridge to The Queen's Villa.

This drawing by Passanti highlights every route leading to Piazza Castello and the buildings of the Command Zone, pictured in black

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