A filter divides the square into two @ Piazza Castello

Of Romyn de Hoog from Ada Peyrot, Vittorio Viale, Immagini di Torino nei secoli, Torino 1973

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A filter divides the square into two

The filter, that divides the Royal Square from the Castle Square, seems to want to separate a place of ritualistic behavior and regulated by the King’s protocol from another chaotic and without rules, at least according to the representations made by the engravers of popular prints. The portico designed by Carlo Morello in 1622, in continuation of the arcades of Vitozzi, intended to accentuate the homogeneity and continuity of the square. Its function was to welcome the guard of the palace on the occasion of the festivities and in particular the sumptuous ceremony of the Ostension of the S.Sindone. The masonry porch was destroyed by a fire at the beginning of '800 and replaced by an iron gate beaten, on design by Pelagio Pelagi, with the two equestrian statues of the Dioscuri

In the colorful print of the late '600 you see the crowd in the square in front of the Castle and the division from the court of the Royal Palace through the porch.

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