The architects of the Duke @ Piazza Castello

Of Benedetto Stefano, Balani Donatella

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The architects of the Duke

In 1584, Ascanio Vitozzi was commissioned by Duke Carlo Emanuele I to arrange the Piazza and subsequently to enlarge the Roman city southwards. The project was realized thanks to the opening of the Contrada Nuova (the current Via Roma) and the front porch that frames it. In the following decades, the father and son Castellamonte will take care of the Royal Palace and the porch on the east side, as well as the extension along the Via Po axis. The square opens and becomes the central reference for the two expansions that double the city during the seventeenth century.

The painting by Pieter Bolckmann, from the late 1600s, shows the Contrada Nuova that goes south beyond S.Carlo square.

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