The walls since XII century

The overhanging Castello hill descends towards the sea and makes the area naturally sheltered. Therefore, the defenses on this side were minor and subsequent to those "on land". Although the complete walls that we see today are from the 16th century, they incorporate a portion dating back to the 13th century, which was important to close those of Barbarossa near Marina di Sarzano and connecting them with the more ancient Walls of Grace, since the 11th century. The Dock and the walls of Malapaga are subsequent.

On the map of Genoa of 1200 (Barbieri 1938) the walls of the Barbarossa (lost and residual) in red, the Walls of the Marina of the 16th century in blue line, in blue dots the previous Walls of Graces, dashed in blue with sections the walls of Malapaga.

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