The Oratory of San Giacomo della Marina @ Le Mura delle Grazie e della Marina

Of Franco Risso

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The Oratory of San Giacomo della Marina

The Oratory built, according to Alizeri, in 1403, stands on a previous Romanesque building of which no trace remains today. A fundamental step, during the Middle Ages, for pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela, the oratory was modified in Baroque style in the first half of the 17th century, at the height of the prestige of the brotherhood that was based there. In the eighteenth century the oratory took on its present appearance with the completion of the vault and walls. After the Napoleonic Suppressions, the brotherhood was rebuilt (1814) but the times were no longer the same and it never regain the prestige of the past. In 1905 a part of the furniture was sold. The oratory also suffered various damages during the Second World War.

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