The battle of Pian Perduto @ Castelluccio di Norcia

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The battle of Pian Perduto

Starting from the 16th century, Norcia began to prevaricate more and more the rights of the countryside taking possession little by little of the territory assigned in 1346. Harsh battles alternated with ceasefire more or less long, framed the story of the assignment of Pian Perduto, among these events the most famous is the "Battle of the Pian Perduto" of July 20 1522, a clash between Norcini and Vissani around which more or less imaginative stories and legends flourished. At that time Norcia lost, this story certainly went down in history just because Norcia, despite being much more powerful, had to succumb. However, until the sixteenth century there were still numerous disputes between the parties.

Pian Perduto: place of battle (1522), won by the Vissani against the Norcini. A historical poem that celebrates the battle also describes the site.

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