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A secular communitarianism

Montalenghe had an important role in forming Consortile Canavese, a sort of municipality and consortium. The Consortile had an important role in the history of the territory, it was the only public institution that delimitates the Canavese area. In fact, it was used to defend the neighboring territories. In the sixties of the thirteenth century, in the lands of the Marquis of Monferrato, the town of Vercelli, in the Pavese and Canavese area, a council put an end to the numerous thefts and raids. From this moment, the criminals could be prosecuted in their own lands and those of the other contractors. Moreover, from the documents, it was possible to discover the role of the Consortile that was based on the equality of the municipalities (the citizens) who had signed it. Finally, the community spirit of Montalenghe persisted over the centuries through the experience of the Agricultural Cooperative of Adriano Olivetti and numerous collective activities such as crafts and folk festivals.

Montalenghe historical photograph.

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