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The massacre of the "Ghibellini"

Over time, several families have ruled the fief of Montalenghe. In 1339, the San Martino family was the main character in the sad and crucial event of the village: the assault on the Castle of Montalenghe, by the Ghibellines Valperga Biandrate. The Ghibellines, inhabitants of the village of San Giorgio, revolted against the feudal lords of Montalenghe (accused of prevarication) and started a massacre of the inhabitants. In 1360, the Count of San Martino didn’t know how to regain the lost territory, consequently, he gave the fortress to the Counts Biandrate of San Giorgio and, afterward, to the Marquises of Monferrato. In 1695, Montalenghe was still a fief: it was first bought by Marco Francesco, who was a member of the “Balestrieri d'Asti” and then, by the Negri of San Giorgio.

Montalenghe Castle and the frontal park.

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