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Carnival and tradition: whips and woven hats

The village of Montalenghe was particularly known for the production of the handles of the whips in "bagolaro" wood, which in the Canavese dialect is called "guienda", and the "fragicarolo" (Celtis australis) in the nineteenth and until the mid-twentieth century. In fact, these plants are still cultivated and widespread in the area. Moreover, the cultivation of hemp is very prosperous, thanks to this plant it is possible to create the so-called “Caplere”, which is a type of headdress handwoven by skilled workers. Even if these ancient craft techniques are slowly disappearing, during the Carnival period they are remembered by the masks of Guiandin (a male figure who honors the plants of "guienda") and the Caplera (a female figure, symbolizing the practice of interweaving hats).

The two main characters of the Montalenghe Carnival in 2015: Simona Ramirez (Caplera) e Massimo Vallese (Guidanin).

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