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The forest as a collective resource

On the southern border with Orio and San Giorgio, it is possible to find some forests, gerbils, and pastures, in fact, the communities of this area could freely take advantage of these resources since the beginning of the 14th century. The feudal lords never extended their lordship on this area: from the Canavese statutes dating back to 1482 (located in the "Corpus Statutorum Canavisii"), it is clear the desire to preserve the forest and the pasture. In fact, in the “Fraschetto” region, stealing or chopping wood and setting a fire were forbidden. Even today, the inhabitants of Montalenghe are proud of the lush wooded nature that surrounds the village, with its multitude of tree species such as acacias, chestnuts, “fragicaroli”, and hemp.

The colossal Cedro Atlante (citron tree). One of the principal symbols of the village representing the strong attachment to nature.

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