Valentino park @ Borgo San Salvario

from Politecnico di Torino

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Valentino park

In the Enlargement Plan of 1851, emerges the will to create a large urban park. Work began in the 1960s, partly on the redesign of the Valentino Castle park, by the French architect Barillet-Deschamps. The project is inspired by the typical landscape park, or "English style", provides avenues, groves, artificial valets, a small gallop and a pond, then dried up, which was used in winter as "patinoire". Inside there are some sports facilities, the oldest: the headquarters of the Gymnastics Society of Italy (1844), the headquarters of the rowing club Cerea (1863), the cycle club Veloce Club (1882). In 1884 the medieval village was built.

P. B. Kettmann, Proposal for a public park contest at Valentino, 1854.

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