The transformation of the palace and the square @ Palazzo di Città

Of Giorgio Casimiro de Prenner from Ada Peyrot, Vittorio Viale, Immagini di Torino nei secoli, Torino 1973

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The transformation of the palace and the square

The palace was gradually changed, and with it the place. With the expansion plans of the capital of the 18th century, wanted by Vittorio Amedeo II who became king, the new urban axes converge on the square: here you meet via Milano and via Corte d'Appello, rectified by Juvarra and The Via Dora Grossa (via Garibaldi).the palace has undergone some modifications that have been completed by the project of Alfieri.

In the 1737 plan the proportions of the Palace are still those of the 17th century by Lanfranchi with the seven windows per floor. Some modifications have been made to the ground floor porch.

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