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The ampoule of water at the spring: The Lega myth

"Since 1996 the rite of the ampoule is celebrated, in which Bossi and his supporters go to Pian del Re, at the foot of the Monviso, to take the water that will be brought to Venice, to symbolize the unity of the Po Valley. With some historical-cultural acrobatics, we tried to connect the Celtic ideal linked to the origins with a symbol that may appear to be both pagan but also territorial. The myth of the foundation linked to the Po would make the ineluctable union between the people and their territory perceptible. Paolo Rumiz has defined it as a "pizzeria myth", but as trivialized and ridiculed by many, such gestures end up producing an influence on those people who basically await that kind of message". From "The Northern tribes of the north: the League seen by an anthropologist", by Marco Aime, Laterza 2012

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