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The power of large machines

This photograph of 1934, shows a worker of the Lingotto factory dominated by a gigantic press intent on working a piece. What is striking is not only the grandeur and austerity of the great black machine, but the contrast between the fragility of the human being and the organizational power of the great factory, marked by a production cycle of Fordist mold that engulfs that sense of humanity that decomposes and rigidly regulates the time and space of work. The film Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin echoes in this image. In 1930, a courageous journalist hired himself for a week as a worker, later reporting his experience in which he did not conceal how the steel machines "crushed" time preventing to savour "the precious moment".

Quotation : "Torino Industria. Persone, lavoro, imprese. Giuseppe Berta, Ufficio Stampa Fiat, 2008, p. 178.

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