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The Pinacoteca of Giovanni and Marella Agnelli

The Pinacoteca dedicated to Giovanni and Marella Agnelli was inaugurated in 2002 and it is again signed by the architect Renzo Piano. Located on the roof with a raised and suspended external part called "Chest" (it contains in fact the "artistic treasures of the Agnelli family) which recalls, with its regularity, a direct relationship with the pre-existing building. Marked by the simplicity and cleanliness of the volume, it contains the works the Agnelli's art collection , as a permanent exhibition, distributed in a sort of aerial gallery: "it seems to float over the building at the edge of the famous test track, and its mass in the shape of a boat seems to be about to fly" (quote. from the book: Philip Jodidio, Piano. 1996 - 2005, Ed. Taschen, citaz. pag.179).

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