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Rationalist and functionalist architecture

The original building of the early twentieth century, still present today, is the work of the architect Giacomo Mattè Trucco and covered, as a whole, 400,000 square meters. The workshops were built in reinforced concrete and run along the railway for 600 meters. The area developed mainly on two buildings: the Nuove Officine and the Officina di Smistamento, respectively reconverted to Centro Congressi and Auditorium, the second to exhibition space. The main body of the Nuove Officine consisted of two large main blocks 507 m long and 24 m wide, 27 m high. Made on a uniform mesh of reinforced concrete pillars, it has a longitudinal system with five floors, double sleeve and with short closed. All the elemets of the factory reflect a purely functionalist architectural style of the Fordist and Taylorist system.

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