Accorsi Palace.

Palazzo Accorsi, the building where the museum is located, is a place rich of history. The construction of the palace was enterprise by the Antonians at the request of Duke Carlo Emanuele I. In 1616 the great religious complex was opened to believers and the sick. in the middle of the eighteenth century the Antonians committed to Bernardo Vittone with the modernization of the church, at that time the church was rich of artworks. Between 1778 and 1780 the ensemble was transformed into a barracks of the Guard of the King's Corps, but with the suppression of the Antonians by Napoleon's troops, the Opera proceeded to unstoppable decline. In 1956 the whole building was bought by Pietro Accorsi who used the noble floor as his home and art gallery. At his death Giulio Ometto, his pupil, through a meticulous work, respectful of the secular history of the building, has completely renovated the historic building, making it a worthy and splendid seat of the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Il cortile del palazzo

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