Important contents of the museum

Among the important things of the collection there are the Trumeau (furniture widespread mostly in 18th century), including the four most important all over the world, paintings, snuffboxes, clocks and chandeliers. Among the paintings we have: Madonna con Bambino, portrait of Carlo Emanuele III of Savoy, La cuoca, Six Hunts... There are also portraits of some eighteenth-century noblewomen of Louis Landry. Such as in the Louvre museum in Paris, Accorsi museum owns a great variety of snuffbox' collection. One of the most important is the one which belonged to Vittorio Emanuele II. Moreover one of the museum treasures is represented by the numerous clocks which are spread i the chambers, normally collocated on shelves, over chimneys or on elegant consoles. Lastly, the museum boasts a great collection of teardrop chandeliers, cage lamps and porcelain lamps, which adorn the rooms, the salons and the living rooms.

In the picture we can see some of the examples written above: the first one is Madonna con Bambino, the second one, on the top right depicts some of the snuffboxes of the museum, while the one on the bottom right portrays Pietro Accorsi's pottery.

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