Giulio Ometto: the current president of the Foundation

Giulio Ometto was born in Legnano, near Verona, on 10th september 1942. Ometto feeds a passion for art, in fact he used to spend entire days in museums. In occasion on the great exhibition dedicated to the Piedmontese Baroque, in 1963 he met Pietro Accorsi in Turin, and he collabored with him for 19 years, until the great antique dealer disappered.
During the last years, his contribution was fundamental for the development and the increase of the foundation. From 1983 he is president for life of the Foundation, made by Accorsi's want, who wrote in his testament: "Thank you for your knowledge and for your taste, what you will do for Turin, will be something very special". The museum itinerary wanted by Ometto alloys Villa Paola with the set of objects belonged to his private collection. With the inauguration and opening to the public of the Museum of decorative arts, in december 1999, Giulio Ometto made Accorsi's collection accessible to the public.

Giulio Ometto con Pietro Accorsi

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