The eighteenth-century transformations @ Residenze Sabaude - Castello di Agliè


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The eighteenth-century transformations

More than a century after the interventions of Castellamonte, Carlo Emanuele III asked the architect Ignazio Birago di Borgaro to adapt the building to the new taste of that time and to double its size. The result corresponds roughly to what we can see today: the east facade overlooking the garden has not undergone substantial changes and it is now the back of the castle. The main entrance is inserted in a new building that contains the internal courtyard overlooking the village. Moreover, two lateral wings include the one-floor galleries that contain the large outdoor courtyard ending with a church on one side, whereas, the opposite side of the building remains unfinished. On the new facade overlooking the village, twelve large windows are opened, arranged on two orders.

The new facade overlooking the square opens to the village of Agliè with the main entrance to the castle. Birago di Borgaro's new project involves a new facade with twelve large windows.

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