The intervention of Castellamonte @ Residenze Sabaude - Castello di Agliè


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The intervention of Castellamonte

When Filippo d'Agliè called Amedeo di Castellamonte, he asked the great architect to adapt the manor house from the medieval aspect to the proper standards of the elegance of the residences of the ruling house. Castellamonte focused on the facade overlooking the garden: the two massive angular towers became pavilions with four floors that rise in height thanks to the difference in height of the ground. Moreover, he created a wide balustrade with two flights of stairs spreading along the entire breadth of the front. In this way, it seems that the eighteenth-century castle rises on a basement that actually is an additional work, for entirely scenic purposes. Through the staircase, there is direct access from the garden to the ballroom, which is decorated by Giovanni Paolo Recchi with frescoes inspired by Arduino, king of Italy in 1002.

The facade overlooking the garden. The difference in height of the ground and the basement with stairs, on which rests the castle, creates an elevation and a greater lightness to the building.

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