For communities For communities
For communities

Initiatives to allow everyone to participate in the processes of personal cultural qualification, the management of common goods and their identity enhancement

Atlasfor Ukraine Atlasfor Ukraine
Atlasfor Ukraine
The art of hospitality The art of hospitality
The art of hospitality

The stories and activities of hospitality and catering operators that add emotions to the journey due to the quality of the places, the way of doing things, of the events prepared

For places For places
For places

The initiatives and associations dedicated to taking care of, safeguarding and restoring our landscapes, urban and otherwise

Networks Networks

Services available to business systems extended over large territories, associations of associations, management through decentralized offices: catalogs, transversal experiments in digitization and glocal collaboration

(Joris Hoefnagel, 1584)

An active landescape An active landescape
An active landescape

The constantly update of the general repository by actions and initiatives improve the quality of the visit and the life in the cities and territories where we live in

A new economy A new economy
A new economy

Production activities that use technological innovations to make the quality of life and our territories better and more sustainable

For the art For the art
For the art

The initiatives and offices of the promoters of the arts. The showcases that tell the story of the museums, indicate the events, the exhibitions and the reference to the in-depth sites.

(GP Panini 1755)_