A glimpse of Atlas A glimpse of Atlas
A glimpse of Atlas

A tour through Atlas to discover some Points of Interest around Italy. Let Atlas tell you the story of squares, villages, castles and natural resources.

Appa Piedmont Appa Piedmont
Appa Piedmont

Atlas of Heritage and Active Landscape del Piemonte: a great work in progress that extends from Turin towards the Alps, Monferrato and Langhe.

Appa Liguria Appa Liguria
Appa Liguria

Scopri il patrimonio e i servizi del territorio.

Appa Other Italy Appa Other Italy
Appa Other Italy

Some insights dedicated to local subjects who have been using Atlasfor for some time to tell about their territory or specific aspects of the heritage of an area. Outposts of an extension of Atlasfor to the regions furthest from Turin.

Networks Networks

Services available to business systems extended over large territories, associations of associations, management through decentralized offices: catalogs, transversal experiments in digitization and glocal collaboration

(Joris Hoefnagel, 1584)

Heritage Heritage

The general repository of the marks of excellence of history, architecture, art and the natural landscape

An active landescape An active landescape
An active landescape

The constantly update of the general repository by actions and initiatives improve the quality of the visit and the life in the cities and territories where we live in

Construction sites Construction sites
Construction sites

Atlasfor as a service for the training of students, for events spread throughout the territory, for landscape or architecture competitions, for the preparation of local atlases of heritage and active landscape.