Turin, a showcase Turin, a showcase
Turin, a showcase

A taste of the city, summarized in an itinerary between the Baroque and the Po, along the arcades, the Murazzi and the Valentino, with an unexpected density of ancient and modern architecture, memorable places and landscapes dear to the Turinese.

To.WorkInProgress To.WorkInProgress

The site for the collection and assembly of documents, images and texts to complete the thematic archives of the Metropolitan City. A gym for those who want to collaborate in the Atlasfor editorial team.

Turin Itineraries in the center Turin Itineraries in the center
Turin Itineraries in the center

An anthology of stories, in continuous evolution, to show the surprising wealth of a capital city, designed over three centuries ago to enlarge the Roman city and until today it has remained intact, vital and hospitable with modern functions and activities.

Turin Baroque Turin Baroque
Turin Baroque

The story of an entire capital city built between the seventeenth and eighteenth and that from the monumental center draws the territory with streets and works of identity along the lines towards nearby palaces and distant cities. Work in progress.

To. The Neighborhoods To. The Neighborhoods
To. The Neighborhoods

An open container, to host in an orderly way the contributions that build the story of the barrier districts and the showcase of the thousand local initiatives of the modern city.

To. The store at home To. The store at home
To. The store at home

The shops that make the center unique, their windows and their products of excellence, always updated by the managers. An experiment, accelerated by the pandemic, to bring some of the magic of a walk under the arcades to e-commerce.

Turin Modern Architectures Turin Modern Architectures
Turin Modern Architectures

The most interesting architectures of the last century, told with project documents, interviews, insights. An in-depth archive: showcase for authors, multimedia database for scholars, guide for students.

To. Glances of the 1900s To. Glances of the 1900s
To. Glances of the 1900s

From Gabinio to the comic shorts of silent cinema: storytelling and representation styles and techniques that formed the basis of the taste of the urban landscape in the era preceding today's inflation of images and videos.

To.Along the Po To.Along the Po
To.Along the Po

Destinations of cultural and environmental interest for cycle tourists, along the first stretch of the Po, up to the Alessandria area. A model for slow tourism itineraries

To.  Green Crown To. Green Crown
To. Green Crown

Materials and routes to explore the out-of-town area of ​​a little-known peri-urban area but one of the richest in terms of cultural and environmental resources, starting from the Savoy Residences and their parks, up to the six rivers, to the MAB of the Collina Reserve.

Acqui Terme Acqui Terme
Acqui Terme

A first picture of the historical and cultural heritage of a city known for its thermal waters for over 2000 years, a small capital of an ancient territory, a stone's throw from big cities but almost unknown.

Acquese Acquese

A map under construction of the points of interest of the Acquese Apennines, with the nuclei along the ancient itineraries that linked Monferrato to Alessandria and the sea, and the landscapes of an increasingly renaturalized mountain.

AtlasFor Canavese AtlasFor Canavese
AtlasFor Canavese

In the empty bed of the largest glacier in Europe, nuclei, castles and ancient roads that are intertwined with the modernity of the Olivetti experiment and with an extraordinary physical landscape. The first chapters of the story of an unexplored territory, half an hour from Piazza Castello.