The difficult archeology of the beginning of '900

In 1899, during the work for the construction of the new sleeve of Palazzo Reale by demolishing Palazzo Vecchio and breaking out of a vast area north of the Duomo, the forgotten remains of the Roman theater immediately emerged. The discovery was considered of great importance, but the decision to preserve its structures in the cellars of the new building comes only after more than ten years of discussions. The principal defender of the theater is the architect Alfredo D'Andrade, director of the Office for the Conservation of Monuments of Piedmont and Liguria. A compromise is reached: The project of the new Channel was revised, preserving the remains of the theater part in the basement of the building and part in a new arrangement of the garden facing Via XX Settembre. The renovation work ended only in 1911.

Works for the construction of the new sleeve and the first structures of the theater

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