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A present to the city: a porch for the theater

The stones tell: a large fragmentary inscription on some blocks, reused to close the door that was in the Roman tower next to the theater, throws light on an episode that otherwise would have remained unknown. In fact, it tells us that the first substantial renovation of the theater, with the portico and the annexed rooms, is due to the munificence of the prefecture of the Cottian Alps, Cozio II, and his son Donno. The two characters were the son and grandson of the famous Cozio who had built an arch in honor of Augustus in Susa, to celebrate the peace treaty between the Romans and the local tribes. The financing of works to qualify theaters were among the most appreciated by the population and consequently the most rewarding for financiers.

The inscription of Cozio II and Donno II. Antiquity museum of Turin

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