The structure of Alfieri @ Residenze Sabaude - Teatro Regio

from Archivio storico Città di Torino

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The structure of Alfieri

The building is in load-bearing masonry, with a trussed roof composed of almost 30 meters of light; the shape of the room is oval truncated. The structure of the boxes consists of a wooden frame structure with light plugs, covered with fabric. As for the uniformity of the sound, Alfieri uses a hollow cap for the coverage of the room and once overturned under the wooden deck. During the nineteenth century the Alfieri theater is the subject of a series of redesigns to adapt it to the new needs of taste, while there was a radical renovation in 1904, that determines an expansion of the volume towards the courtyard of the Academy and a suspension of the scenic tower over the eaves of the front towards Piazza Castello.

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