A duchess in the castle

Cristina di Borbone (1606 -1663) princess of France, married just thirteen years the Duke Vittorio Amedeo I of Savoy, to seal a pact between Savoy and King of France. After 18 years and 6 children, the young Duchess remained a widow and became a regent in the name of her younger son. She held this role for over 25 years, skillfully overcoming many obstacles, wars and above all scandals for the licentiousness of the court customs and the proximity to the kingdom of France. To mark her distance from the bigoted and traditional court of the Savoy, the Regent immediately moves from the Ducal Palace and settles in the Palazzo Vecchio, the former Palace of the Acaia, adapting it to her worldly and partying needs.

Cristina of France, the future King Carlo Emanuele and his two sisters

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