The role of the sculptures

1739 -Charles De Brosses, French scholar, in his letters which wrote home in 1739, twenty years after the inauguration of the new façade, declared it "the main ornament of the city" and far superior to the Royal Palace. De Brosses especially appreciates the upper balustrade of the second order, "in support of stone statues of great lightness". The sculptures on the balustrade (4 statues and 14 large vases by G. Baretta, much larger than the human figure) are made in the position and dimension of the project by Juvarra, and complete the effect of gigantism of the order of columns and pilasters of the façade.

In the picture, the satues and the vases sre proportional to the balaustrade, but we must think that the latter is more than 3 metres hight!

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