The Castle became "Palazzo Madama" @ Palazzo Madama

Of Antonio Tempesta from Ada Peyrot, Vittorio Viale, Immagini di Torino nei secoli, Torino 1973

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The Castle became "Palazzo Madama"

In 1637 Maria Cristina, the young "Madame", began projects and works to make the castle of Acaia more appropriate as her new residence, starting transformations and embellishments. A new façade (later demolished to make room for that of Juvarra) will hide the Roman towers and the building loses the old appearance of "Castle" to become "Palazzo Madama" forever.

A parade for the wedding of Maria Cristina of France in a painting of A. Tempesta, 1619. On the right the "old" Palace of Achaia in which the bride will live after she became the regent of the Duchy.

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