Michelangelo Garove's project @ Quartieri militari

Of Michelangelo Garove from a cura di Andreina Griseri e Giovanni Romano, Filippo Juvarra a Torino, Torino 1989

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Michelangelo Garove's project

In the early years of the 18th century, while the project of the "almond" of the city walls was completed, Michelangelo Garove, engineer and ducal architect, was in charge of solving the various problems related to the expansion west-construction and defensive - and was also faced with the theme of the "gate": that is, the relationship between the city and its surrounding territory. The new gate on the bastion opened onto the Rivoli road, also designed by Garove. While the military works were completed before the siege of 1706, the plan of parcelling of land, defined by the checkerboard shirt of the blocks, was postponed for a few years.

The plan of the western expansion (1711-12) shows both the old and the new walls of the "almond", with the outer bastion where the new gate is expected. In the mesh of the blocks there is no square Susina (current Piazza Savoia).

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